News Mercoledi 17 Febbraio 2016

Profession: Wine business facilitator

Interview to Lorenzo Zunino, founder of XVX Italia

di Agnese Ceschi

Lorenzo Zunino
"Think about the road each bottle of wine has to make to get from a winemaker to the customers". This was the pragmatic philosophy inspiring the producer from Genova but living in Siena Lorenzo Zunino and his partner Giorgia Meraviglia when 10 years ago they created XVX Italy (, a professional distribution company, specialized in exporting wines and spirits to 20 markets worldwide. "I realized that many small or medium-sized operators, both in the production and in the financial and distribution field, often fail for their scarce attitude to interact and facilitate the mutual business" Lorenzo Zunino told us. We asked him how and with which goals his company is part of this chain.
From wine production to its distribution: why?
The world is huge and there are so many wines, not only mine! The wine consumer is not only the New York lawyer, but also the clerk of Mumbai: that means that the global market must be listened.
From this awareness, 10 years ago I founded XVX Italy combining my experience with that of my partner, who is expert in distribution and export. We buy and resell Italian wines, spirits and beers to small and medium sized importers and buyers from several countries around the world.

What kind of advantage can importers have in working with you?
We are a marketing tool, an opportunity for diminishing the costs and increasing the profits, a weapon to make them more competitive on the markets. We have a long wine list (150 labels from all over Italy), with a very broad panel ranging from entry-level to excellence, from native vineyards to international ones, and if necessary, we look for new wines. The importer can order from a minimum of 60 bottles for label, that means that we offer a fast and custom-made service. We project training, events and visits to Italy or to the foreign market. We are a unique interlocutor and we follow also bureaucratic aspects related to the order. We help importers to gain success and market portions. 

Why do you candidate as a "wine-broker" in a system where there are many others?
If I think of small and medium-sized operators, both in production and in brokerage or in the distribution, it seems clear that the chaotic nature of the commercial itinerary and the low integration of each other's business involve significant costs of money, time and energy for the entire chain. I think of the difficulties for the foreign distributors to rely on a sufficiently diversified panel of commercially reliable suppliers, or to the actual capacity of producers and intermediaries to make themselves attractive for the foreign target market. A winemaker often puts on the market a wine considering only his point of view. It is dramatic to realize that a certain group of producers considers finished its effort with the sale of a "good wine". This mechanism is particularly insidious for Italian wines for which the exceptional variety of producers and labels is an absolute value for the whole sector. In order to meet them we will be at Vinitaly (Area D, C 3) and Prowein (Halle 16 C 59).

What can XVX Italy do?
I offer myself as a business facilitator of the entire chain, trying to improve the efficiency of investments in all steps. I have been developing the project XVX Italy with Giorgia Meraviglia and with the help of Gianfranco Campione and our goal is to become a connecting platform between winemakers and small / medium buyers positioned anywhere along the chain that brings the bottle from Italian winery to restaurants or wine shops in any country of the world .

What is the greatest quality of a good distributor?
Listening. The world around final consumers moves quickly, and therefore the ability to predict will be increasingly important. It is not enough to be ready to "react", which is a laborious thing, we must be able to predict. This is possible if we have information and we can connect with others places in the chain very fast. After all, XVX Italy is a way to keep a vision of the future and a tool to stay inside it.