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Italian wines in the world: Tenuta Montemagno's grappa TABACUM XLV

We have tasted for you Tenuta Montemagno's grappa TABACUM XLV


Year of production: 2018
Price: €. 22,00
Annual production: 3000 bottles
Denomination: TABACUM XLV
Aging: infusion in Kentucky tobacco leaves grown in Italy.
Grapes: distilled from the pomace coming from the best grapes of the company

Writing about this grappa is like being able to unite the points of our Italy from north to south and discover the vastness of emotions they provoke in us. Tenuta Montemagno tobacco grappa is the result of an idea that want to combine the pomace of the excellent wines produced by the Tenuta, to the Kentucky tobacco leaves cultivated with masterly skill by one of the greatest connoisseurs of the cigar in Italy, Federico Marino, so passionate and competent, that after years traveling the world to learn about the best cigar plants, he wanted to plant this type of tobacco in the province of Palermo, and by combining the leaves produced with the northern distillation tradition, Tenuta Montemagno gave birth to this grappa, unique in its kind.
Tobacco grown in Sicily and Piedmontese pomace symbolically unite Italy in a relationship that gives value to our beloved peninsula.
The olfactory impact is of rare harmonic complexity, a mix of aromas that confuse elegance, enrich the nose with spices and noble barks, with memories that bring thought to the greatest distillates in the world, of which grappa is an integral part, but where the expressiveness of this tobacco product enhances its wise combination. On the palate it is concrete harmony, warm and enveloping with such a penetrating softness that leaves an aftertaste that allows you to be discovered slowly, and a balance that gives all the enthusiasm of those who created this incredible product.
Grappa TABACUM XLV is a real set of emotions, so fine and unique in the genre that they are difficult to tell, because the characteristic is typical of products of great prestige and therefore unique in their kind.
Company Profile
Tenuta Montemagno arises on Monferrato hills, a Piedmont area highly suitable for vines. The vineyards facing south-west, the microclimate enjoyed by this area with its clayey calcareous soil, the process carried out entirely by hand and the technology used in production processes, contribute to the production of important wines, representing, at the same time, the Italian, the Piedmont and Monferrato excellences in the world. The estate is surrounded by 100 hectars, 20 of which dedicated to vine cultivation. Every Tenuta Montemagno's bottle is created joining together the peculiarity of Monferrato ground, the brilliant intuitions of Tiziano Barea and the expertise of oenologist Gianfranco Cordero.

Tenuta Montemagno
Via Cascina Valfossato, 9 - Montemagno, Asti 14030, Italy
Telefono: +39 0141 63624