News Martedi 23 Luglio 2019

Italian wines in the world: Siddùra's Spèra 2018

We have tasted for you Siddùra's Spèra 2018


Color: white
Year of production: 2018
Price: 10.50 euros
Annual production: 150,000 bottles
Denomination: DOCG
Aging: the grapes are harvested by hand in small baskets. After a soft pressing, the must ferments in stainless steel tanks at temperature
controlled. Medium-slow fermentation
Grapes: 100% Vermentino di Gallura

In the play of light that Sardinia gives to the eyes, even those local people's ones that are used to this amazing view, there is a part of the charm of this extraordinary Italian island. If we then think of those who, on this earth, spend a few days of vacation, these luminosities make sure they touch all the senses, because perfumes accompanied by the sea breeze, bring into the palm of the hand every essence gathered by the wind that feeds on the aroma of the coast.
If we remain upright, to savor the sensations that emerge, we feel the power of granite beneath us that makes our emotions even stronger.
This Vermentino, was baptized with the name Spèra, which in the Gallurese language means beam of light, and never a name could be more evocative if you look at it in the glass against the light, because it manages to filter through the eyes, even once back on land , those emotions that the inimitable colors of a bright yellow have transmitted to us that are then the same ones penetrated in the vineyard that gave it birth.
The nose instead makes us think about that spring garden where white flowers express its subtle delicacy which then evolves into summer fruit with white pulp already cut and ready to be enjoyed.
In the mouth its territorial origin and the strength of a summer sun that accompanied the ripening of the bunches emerges, a wine that is never intrusive, with a very soft finish. Accompanied with vegetable or mushroom soups, it manages to complete its path of pleasantness, even if the best of it is given by tasting it, thinking with closed eyes, to that strip of sea from where everything is born.
Company Profile
Siddùra was born from the discovery made by two entrepreneurs who identified and fell in love with an abandoned but enchanting property in the heart of Gallura, collecting the legacy of an ancient wine production that in the fifties of the last century already bottled vermentino to sell on the nearby market . The company has made Sardinia a brand of purity, tradition, quality and innovation. Thirty hectares of vineyards that give life to a collection of nine wines: the vermentino of Gallura Spèra, Maìa and Bèru, the rosé cannonau Nudo, the cannonau, DOC and Riserva, Èrema and Fòla, the Cagnulari Bàcco, the international Tìros and the passito Nuali. The wines received over 350 medals.

località Siddura Luogosanto, SS 07020 IT