News Lunedi 21 Gennaio 2019

Durello Classic Method or Durello Charmat?

Which one should I choose? Let's ask Nicola Dal Maso, owner of the Dal Maso winery

In recent years the phenomenon Durello is having a great resonance here in the Vicenza area and Verona. The Consorzio and all the producers are working together to bring this wine out of the territory of origin, aiming both the Italian and the foreign markets.

The winery Dal Maso will present in May 2019, his first vintage of Durello Metodo Classico. A new wine that will enrich the range in a particularly important year for the company that celebrates its 100 years of history in this 2019.
The decision to produce the Durello Metodo Classico was born from some reflections observing and listening to the requests of customers and the market in general.

What has changed in the average user's profile?

In recent years the knowledge of the wine of the average consumer has grown: the winelover has a greater technical knowledge of wine, he is more curious and has much more critical spirit towards the wines" here are the words of Nicola Dal Maso. "The taste of the customers today is much more refined: they are looking for wines that are easy to drink but more intense, with greater intensity and taste-olfactory complexity. This is why our family has decided to combine the Durello Metodo Classico with the already present Charmat method. 

Do you therefore deny the Durello Charmat?
Absolutely I don’t, indeed, the opposite. Just because we strongly believe in this wonderful grape variety that is Durella, we want to exalt it to the maximum producing all that it allows us: a wine with fantastic drinkability and a lively and pleasant personality like the Charmant Method and a complex, elegant and very thick wine like the Classic Method.

Two wines, two different customers?
I would not talk about two different customers segments, I would rather talk about different consumption moments. I can not anticipate too much to describe our Durello Metodo Classico because it will be officially presented in a few months, but what I assure is that the path taken is towards a great drinkability and freshness of aromas and flavors. Not necessarily a winelover is only suitable for drinking the traditional methot or the charmat method, it depends only on what he wants to taste at that time.