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English News Mercoledi 18 Maggio 2022

The winning bond between wine and territory in the Colli Euganei

The press tour organized by Strada del Vino Colli Euganei emphasized the rich diversity of the economical and landscape context of the place.

di Wine Meridian Editorial Staff

The promotion and valorization of the wine Italian territories develop uniquely thanks to a synergic collaboration between compartments of that specific area.

It is a team work that the Strada del Vino Colli Euganei was able to set up through a Press Tour that saw the attendance of international journalists led in the activities of the Strada, which did not plan only the visit to the cellars, but also in the olive oil mills, in the breweries or in historical points of interest, emphasizing not only the wine compartment, but all that a multi-colored territory, such as the one of the Colli Euganei, can offer.

The press tour – developed in 3 days – established the visit to the Quota 101 cellars, to the Villa dei Vescovi and Vignalta, to the Birdò brewery – for a visit and tasting of artisanal beers –, to the Colli del Poeta olive oil mill, to Arquà Petrarca and, to conclude with an evocative visit, to Abbazia di Praglia, led by the abate Don Stefano Visintin.
All of it was surrounded by moments of conviviality at the restaurant La Montanella di Arquà Petrarca, at the Enoteca della Strada del Vino or at the Thermal Hotel Abano Ritz.

We gathered the testimonies of the journalists who attended the Tour, to whom we asked their impressions on this multi-colored territory.

Lura Donadoni, journalist and professional influencer, who lives between Italy and California and is the creator of the The Italian Wine Girl project told us that: “It has been truly interesting because I did not discover just the cellars and the local grapes varieties, but I also learned about culture, traditions and the local art. We also visited the monasteries, some artisanal breweries and an olive oil mill: this tour has been a complete guide to give an idea of the territory and of what it may offer in terms of tourism”.

Richard Baudains, English, historical writer for the Decanter and one of the most authoritative wine journalists, said: “Here in the Colli Euganei spring begins in April and the whole country is blossoming or is already in full bloom. I had an excellent first impression of this landscape. It is an amazing place to visit. We visited very interesting cellars, companies with biological production, companies with artisanal production and we met truly intriguing personalities”.

Maria Rowena Dumlao lives in Italy, she is the author of food&wine and is the photographer for her two blogs: Apron & Sneakers and The Chosen Table. She told us that: “This place has been a great surprise for me since I am not familiar with the area: getting to know all this wines that come from a volcanic territory has been a great surprise for me. especially this DOCG wine, the Fior D’Arancio, which is a truly pleasant wine. They make it in three different ways: I suggest to try both the sparkling and the still one. I would like for this tour to be open to everyone, so that everyone may see these amazing and interesting cellars that we had the chance to visit”.

Nan-Young Baek, a Korean journalist who lives in Turin, Italy, and writes for Wine Ok Korea shared that: “This Tour is very interesting. Until now I always knew the Colli Euganei through the map and through the local wines, but once I arrived, I found numerous native grapes. We visited a monastery today, and it was extremely interesting. Normally if you think of a monastery, you only think of prayer and masses, but here they have managed to revive the atmosphere by imbuing it with truly interesting culture and activities ".

Chris Boiling, a member of the International Wine Challenge, is a British journalist awarded by the World’s Best Vineyards and he told us: “I think it was a fantastic surprise. I love discovering new areas and this really surprised me. The wines were excellent: I loved the Moscato Giallo and the Carmenere was a pleasant surprise that I wasn't expecting at all. Ultimately it was a pleasant experience: I think it is necessary to come here and live this experience to fully savor it".

Michael Ritter, head of Prägnant, a German journalist specialized in food & wine, stated that: “I think the Colli Euganei are a wonderful territory. I have been coming here for about 40 years and I am happy to suggest to anyone to come and visit these places to see how the wine industry is evolving. I think the Strada del Vino is very interesting since the wineries that are part of it have established one of the most beautiful hilltop villages in Italy, which literally makes people fall in love. Furthermore, the Hills are the perfect place to visit cities such as Venice and Padua, as well as other places nearby”.