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English News Giovedi 30 Settembre 2021

Between native and international: Tenuta Montemagno's challenge

Nymphae Monferrato bianco doc and Violae Monferrato rosso doc are two wines capable of combining and balancing the power of the territoriality of the autochthonous with the transversality of the international.

di Redazione Wine Meridian

The biggest challenge today for a wine producer is, in our opinion, to meet the needs of an increasingly cosmopolitan public and palates, without losing the peculiar characteristics of the territory. Tenuta Montemagno, a winery in Monferrato owned by the Barea family, has always had the objective of combining the enhancement of the territory with the search for an international taste, and to do this there are many challenges. Just from the desire to search for unique products and character, was born a project that sees in Nymphae and Violae - Monferrato DOC, the main protagonists: two cosmopolitan wines, the result of the perfect balance of a native grape and an international one.

"Nymphae Monferrato Bianco doc is our way to introduce an autochthonous and rare grape like Timorasso through the allochthonous Sauvignon. While Violae Monferrato Rosso doc is a wine that could be defined as a Barbera with an international vocation, given the specific blend of Barbera and Syrah, perfectly balanced, with structure and tannin that enhance the pluses of the two grapes" explains Tiziano Barea, owner of the winery.

Grapes used for the production of Nymphae and Violae are cultivated in Montemagno, in the heart of Monferrato, in vineyards with south/southwest exposure, worked by hand and with lower yields than the ones provided for by the disciplinary. "Our project is to create unique wines, with a characterizing personality and style: both represent an innovative and modern example of winemaking" continues Barea.

"Moreover, another aspect which should not be neglected is the response of consumers to these wines: the experience we made until today is surely positive. First of all they are wines easy to approach for drinkability and at the same time they conquer for their marked personality, therefore, they are appreciated among millennials but they are also drunk for the pleasure of tasting a truly interesting blend, not demanding, but very pleasing, even for every day".

We would like to focus today on one of the two wines that for characteristics and peculiarities stands out and catch our attention.

Violae Monferrato Rosso DOC is the result of 50% Barbera and 50% Syrah, born from the idea of creating a wine that identifies the territory with Barbera and that is modern thanks to the precious support of Syrah. "This wine is the result of an innovative blend of Barbera and Syrah grapes, which come from the youngest vineyards of the estate. Our intuition was to tell our production philosophy by vinifying and enhancing the two grape varieties - Barbera and Syrah, which are skillfully combined in a wine that best expresses the varietal identity of the grapes" tells Tiziano Barea. The result is a transversal, versatile wine, with an interesting potential in terms of pleasantness and gastronomic pairings.

The two grapes complement each other perfectly, showing how an autochthonous grape can perfectly match with a grape apparently far away. Observing Violae more closely, we notice how the color of Barbera is enriched by the purplish red nuances of Syrah, on the palate the acidity of Barbera is very well balanced and softened by tannins, such as those due to the aging of some months in the exhausted barriques of our Barbera d'Asti Superiore Mysterium, from which it inherits the elegance and the fine aromaticity, finally the bouquet of red berries and roses of Barbera is made even more complex by the spicy and characterizing notes of the grape of Persian origin, Syrah.

"Violae is a perfect blend, where both grapes are enhanced and result in a wine so pleasant from the very first sip: complex and elegant, with notes of earth, spices and minerals", concludes Barea.

"Nymphae and Violae are our autochthonous / international ones. They are blends that intrigue because they are unusual and well balanced, pleasant. Our production philosophy always starts from respect for grapes and their characteristics and Nymphae and Violae are a splendid example, because they are wines that tell our identity with a modern and innovative taste" concludes Barea.