I tasting di Wine Meridian non vogliono limitarsi a raccontare le caratteristiche dei vini ma riuscire ad entrare nella filosofia produttiva di un’azienda, nell’anima più autentica di un territorio al fine di poter comunicare al mondo la straordinaria ma complessa eterogeneità del nostro giacimento vitienologico.
Tasting Venerdi 18 Marzo 2022

Italian Wines in the World: E-Venti Colli Euganei Rosso Riserva DOC 2016 Terre Gaie

We tasted for you Terre Gaie's E-Venti Colli Euganei Rosso Riserva DOC 2016.

di Giovanna Romeo

Scheda tecnica

  • Name: Colli Euganei Rosso Riserva DOC 2016
  • Color: Red
  • Year of production: 2016
  • Price: 25,00€
  • Annual production: 4.500 bottles
  • Denomination: DOC
  • Aging: 30 months in French Durmast Barrels and refined in bottles for 12 months
  • Grapes: 60% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Raboso

Terre Gaie was born in 2005, a reality with a marked inclination for the territory of Colli Euganei, hilly rifts and amazing landscapes highlighted daily with authenticity in a work that tends to highlight the source through every single etiquette.
Wines like E Venti form the Presige line, guard the terroir’s resources, precious and modern projects that take form being strong thanks to the experience of Salvatore Lovo, enologist and founder of Terre Gaie. The birthing place, basaltic soils with volcanic nature strongly mineral, emphasizes the beauty of the grapes like Raboso, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, a fresh and original blend, sum of traditions that need to be protected and valued.

A powerful and structured reserve is born, a living room of taste and refinement for a sip that imposes itself silently. Full, lively, a longilineal prowess accompany a sip that arranges itself on an alcoholic volume of 14,5 degrees, barely perceivable. Brilliant red ruby it shows itself to the nose as particularly generous, offering a olfactory palette that moves from fruit to mature cherries, to ginger to balsamic notes to juniper berries, just a hint of the undergrowth, then graphite and then truffle. Tense mouth, slightly salty it prolongs itself in a sip accompanied to a tannin completely unrolled and well-integrated.

A wine protagonist that accompanies itself to important meat meals. We tasted it with a succulent ligure rabbit.


Company Profile

Terre Gaie was fouded in 2004 by Lovo family: Salvatore and Rita united in life inherit the passion for viticulture from their families and they bring this passion in their everyday work transferred with love and enthusiasm to Silvia, the only daughter, their passion, dreams, values and objectives born onto the same vineyards and land Lymph and blood are united again while maintaining the family objectives made of seriousness, commitment and love for the land. story, blended in a real and cohesive Italian family where the personalities Terre Gaie located in the heart of Colli Euganei, is always focused on the exaltation of the terroir, in full respect of the origins and the domestic type of grapes of Colli Euganei (Eugenean Hills). The most important features of Terre Gaie are a great ability to reflect contemporary culture, to have a sense to anticipate trends, to respond to innovation, to be able to face the future Terre Gaie is a “small and large” company with a high level of innovation, with the mission is to revalue the production of the Colli Euganei (Euganean Hills); different grapes that are grown on different soils, which lead to the vinification of unique wines with an unmistakable volcanic character. There are many differences but what unites our 54 local growers goes beyond any diversity: the vineyards are their DNA. They are proud messengers of their own territory of their identity and culture, our growers strive every day to achieve the highest quality by carefully following the vineyards work’s procedures dictated by our company , that are based on the respect for nature and the environment.



Via Mattiette 550 - 35030 Vò (PD)
+39 049 994 0462